Sunday, January 30, 2011

We have a crawler...

Our baby is finally crawling... now make him stop! LOL He is just like the energizer bunny... he keeps going and going. Here is a small video. It isn't great but gives you an idea of what he looks like!

I can't get over how fast he is growing! Just in time too as his little cousin Daniel came into the world this week... and the amazing thing is they were both the same size and length! Isn't that awesome! Can't wait for them to play together! Until next time.

Love and Hugs!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sitting up all by himself

Well Bug has been mobile for several weeks now... not crawling yet but rolling all around and more recently doing the army crawl. But this last week he actually has begun to sit up on his own. And of course if you are sitting up and daddy is home you have to play ball. Now if only we can concince Pepper that Bug isn't ready to play ball with her.

My Little Vampire

I always knew that my child would be unique but he took it to the max when he decided that he would let him "vampire" teeth come in before his two front teeth. What is so funny to us is that his daddy's look just like vampire teeth as well.

Christmas Time

What a year full of blessings it has been for our family. Bug enjoyed his Christmas and plays with his new toys all the time. His favorite are the ones that make noise but he also loves to put his building blocks on the giraffee that is just for balls. He'll figure out that it's just for the balls... one day. Here are a few pics from his first Christmas.

Bug's custom made stocking from Grammy was bigger than him!

His first taste of popover which is our traditional Christmas breakfast.

All tuckered out