Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Feeding the Ducks

Just had to take a moment to drop these in from our weekend of feeding the ducks. At first Bug didn't grasp the concept of giving the ducks his bread but then he got into the spirit of feeding his new feathery friends.

Having a ball... literally

We've got little balls and big balls
Spiky and Smooth
A Football, a baseball and
Basketball too.

Ok so I am not the best poet but I thought it was cute. Little man has been crazy playing with all the balls. He likes to throw them, roll them, hide them, whatever works to make him happy. The only thing he doesn't quite get is that even though he has round blocks, they don't go in the giraffee's mouth. Those are only for actually balls... and only the right size. It does make for interesting operation skills for mommy to practice.

He had a real life lesson in sharing this weekend when we went to the mall. There was a little girl riding in the duck but since her mommy paid for Bug to share the ride he had to settle for the car. Either way he's just so stinking cute!

He also learned how to play his guitar this last week. He even knows how to hold it correctly, with a little prodding. This certainly falls into the cuteness factor as well. 

We will be starting Tot School in just a few weeks so if you want to check out Bug in a whole new world be sure to visit us at

Until next time!

Love and Hugs!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Exciting things to come...

Our little man is running around like crazy and getting into everything... but I wouldn't trade it for the world. He climbs on things and jumps off just to see how I will respond. He hasn't met a stranger yet and everything is so new and fresh to him.

His new books are the Sneak and Peek series which tells the story of trying to find things but each page has a little hole cut into it so that he can see part of the image on the next page. He LOVES them and wants us to read them all the time.
Sneak-a-Peek-a-boo! Where's My Mom?And yes, that is a butterfly in the corner. We didn't even realize it until we got the book home and started reading it. I'm telling you his brothers are everywhere.

His daddy has a video that we are going to try to upload because it is a must see. Our little Bug is having a jam session and it is sooooo cute.

Until then,
Love and Hugs!