Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where does the time go...

When did my little boy get so big? We got to take advantage of a really nice day and went to the park with daddy. (I'm so glad that he gets to do things with us on his day off) Our little Bug ran around to all the things in the park and wanted to pretty much do everything by himself.

Here is is going down the slide all by himself. He did try to climb up it backwards but since his momma had a really bad experience with doing the same we decided to stop that activity right away. :)
We did have a cute picture of daddy on one of the rocking animals but after an "accidental" post to facebook I had to promise I wouldn't post it anymore. (I think it may still be on facebook though.. hehe)

If you haven't had a change to check Bug out in Tot School you really should. He is doing so well and the look of concentration on his face is just so precious. Here is a link for you to visit Bug's Classroom.

Love and Hugs!