Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Bug

I tried to create a blog from scratch so that I could be in control of how it looked and what it contained... Yes I am a control freak and we all know it so moving on.

This nice site will allow me to post from my phone and is very simple to use. Hopefully that means that I will be able to provide you with better and more frequent updates.

Bug is now 14 weeks old and growing like a weed. He has begun to eat solid food and some cereal. It started with him practically grabbing a banana out if my hand. I took it to mean that he wanted some so we tried it and he loved them.

He's cooing and making all sorts of adorable noises and has the best smile ever. I don't think I am biased when I say that because everyone tells us that and I certainly won't disagree.

Closing for now as I have learned that when he sleeps so should I.

Love and hugs!

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