Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We've been busy...

November has been a crazy month! We started out with a trip to the Greater Jacksonville Fair which has been a tradition of ours since we started dated. The lights amazed him but e was more infatuated with the animals... that's my boy!

Look mom... lamby has a big cousin!

Dad are you gonna cook that?

After the fair came and went... Bug got his first experiences with babysitters. He did great but mommy not so much! Aunt Crystel and Ms. Shannon did a wonderful job and he loves them both so much.

Speaking of Aunt Crystel... she took us on a photoshoot! I must say that I have one good looking kid. LOL

Daddy's birthday was fun and Thanksgiving was great! We had a little turkey and rice dinner (baby mush) and some real mashed potatoes at both grandparents house! We didn't do so great remembering to take pictures though... oops! Daddy also surprised mommy with a fancy dinner for their anniversary. Hope you all had a great November.

Love and hugs!

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